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  • Katelynn Reiss

Cultivating a Competitive Culture in Youth Hockey

Ever wonder how to keep the fun and competitive spirit alive in youth hockey? This week we draw on our experiences to discuss the art of fostering a vibrant, competitive culture among young players. We share practical strategies for coaches and parents alike, on how to manage the emotions that come with competition, and how to start the season off in a manner that keeps the game exciting and engaging for the players. We reveal the secrets of nurturing a competitive culture within a team, from setting high standards to creating opportunities for players to challenge each other. Discover the power of small area games, setting game rules and, above all, the critical role of a coach in shaping a team's competitiveness. We also examine how to teach players to compete effectively, ensuring they are battle-ready when the season commences. Losing streaks can be demoralizing, but we dive into strategies for overcoming these setbacks. We highlight how to build confidence and unity within the team, and how to keep players engaged. Moreover, we discuss ideas for creating creative competitions in practice and recreating game scenarios with high stakes to help develop mental skills. Finally, we reflect on the essence of long-term development in competitive sports, stressing the importance of establishing a competitive culture early on, and how to make competition enjoyable, even in the face of losses. Listen in as we break down these concepts and much more!

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