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  • Katelynn Reiss

How Does The Youth Hockey Lifestyle Compare To Soccer with Soccer Dad-Pod Host JB Anderson

This week we’ve decided to have do our very first crossover episode featuring a parent (and a podcast host) that has braved the elements of another youth sport.

We thought it would be a great show idea to compare and contrast our crazy sport lifestyle - to see if ours is as insane as we say - and soccer seemed like the perfect starting point. JB Anderson of the Soccer Dad Pod is just the right man for the job!

In addition to being a podcast host and the Owner of Gaslight Studio’s STL, he is a State Champion in Illinois with Granite City High, winner of the Holland Cup International Tournament, a NAIA Collegiate player and has spent 15 years as a youth club coach.

Most importantly he is a proud parent (like the three of us and most of you listening) of 3 kids, Keller - who is 17, Beckett who is 14 and Maxwell who is 9 - all whom play soccer competitively.

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