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  • Katelynn Reiss

Our Kids Play Goalie with Dave Starman

Famed Broadcaster and Hockey Coach, Dave Starman, joins us for our first official episode of Our Kids Play Goalie, our new mid-week edition of Our Kids Play Hockey.

While this version of the show is goalie-centric, the content is meant for all hockey coaches, parents and players so that we can all better understand our net minders and how to improve managing their position. Trust me - we learned a lot and know you will too!

Dave is a regular broadcaster for both the collegiate ranks and USA Hockey. He is also a member of USA Hockey's development staff, and has spent 25 years as an instructor with USA Hockey's Coaching Education Program. He was a goaltender for the University of Hartford prior to coaching and today he's joining Mike and Lee to discuss what makes a great goaltender, how we can better coach goaltenders and how we can all grow together.

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