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  • Katelynn Reiss

The Ride To The Rink - Boosting Your Mental Fitness for Improved Hockey Performance

Shifting your focus and quieting your mind can feel like an uphill battle, especially when you have a game on the line. What if we told you that with just 10 minutes a day, you could enhance your mental agility to not only ace those games but also tackle daily life challenges with ease? This episode of Ride to the Rink explores the power of mental fitness and how simple practices can considerably improve your performance on and off the ice. From centering your attention on a single object to listening to the quietest sound in your surroundings, Lee will walk you through various techniques to sharpen your focus. Remember, what works best varies from person to person, so be patient with yourself and explore different pathways to find what suits you. The key is consistency. Practicing these exercises daily can yield powerful results, boosting your ability to maintain focus in high-pressure situations. Be sure to check out these past episodes of The Ride To The Rink that are helpful guided meditations to assist you on your mental fitness journey: - Meditation 1: - Meditation 2:

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