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The Ride To The Rink - Sophia's Time Management Tips And Tricks

Struggling with managing your schedule? Worried about juggling homework and hockey practices, or any other extracurricular activities? If so, we've got a special treat for you. Join Christie and Sophia, for 3 minutes on the go, as we dive into an essential skill that's best learned young - time management. Sophia, recent college hockey graduate, spills the beans on how she kept up with her dual commitments. Sophia makes it all sound so simple with her practical advice: Imagine turning your travel time into a productive homework session! She also her method of maintaining a weekly planner and the importance of tackling tasks upfront. Listen in as Sophia talks about managing the stress that comes with maintaining a balance between academics and sports, and using hockey as a stress reliever. We guarantee that her strategies will help you master the art of time management.

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