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  • Katelynn Reiss

The Ride To The Rink - The 3 Things You Should Say To Your Parents Before You Skate

This week's 5 minute long episode promises to be a game-changer for young skaters and goalies as Lee addresses the importance of expressing gratitude and appreciation to parents or guardians. We're flipping the script on our previous episode that advised parents on the key messages to share with their kids before a game. Now, it's the kids' turn to learn what they can say in return to acknowledge and appreciate their parents' support. We dissect three powerful phrases - 'Thank you for supporting me,' 'I love playing hockey,' and 'I love you', reflecting on the positive impact they can have on parents. We delve into the sacrifices parents make and encourage the young ones to recognize this through simple acknowledgments. So, strap in for this heartfelt ride to the rink, which wraps up with a reminder to relish the journey and the game we all love. And remember, the right words can make the ride to the rink even more enjoyable.

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