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When Hockey Stops

When Hockey Stops follows León, a top player on the ice who is leading his team toward a championship season. During a big game, León is slammed into the boards by a player from the opposing team, leaving him injured and unable to play. How can León help his team win the league title when he can’t skate? This story explores the challenge of being sidelined from something you’re truly passionate about and reveals that mental strength is just as important as physical strength.

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My Kids Play Hockey

For the past several years veteran hockey mom Christie Casciano's monthly Hockey Mom columns have been required reading for the half million readers of USA Hockey Magazine. Drawing on her twenty years in the youth hockey trenches, she brings a wit and wisdom that comes with spending countless hours in the rink. Mixing in a little cutting humor and some good old-fashioned motherly advice, her articles speak to and for grizzled veterans and newcomers to the sport alike. My Kids Play Hockey is a compilation of Christie's work.

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The Puck Hog

Sophia s team wants to be the best in the league, but their biggest challenge is not an opposing team, it's Eddie, their puck-hogging teammate. Will a pivotal moment on the ice and a trip to a Syracuse Crunch game convince Eddie to change his ways?

The Puck Hog vol. 2

The game, the goal and the ghost combine to make for an action packed adventure for the puck hog and his teammates in the land where miracles are made. Just when it looks like victory is in reach, it all falls apart for the team right before the big matchup with a mighty Canadian youth hockey team. Now they need a miracle! It's up to Sophia to unlock the mystery and discover the key to victory. Can she discover the secret in time? Can the keeper of dreams keep the legacy alive? Lace up and get ready to hit the ice for chills, spills and experience the thrills of the legendary Lake Placid.


WIN:What Every Team Need To Know to create a championship culture 

You need tactics and talent to win. What if I told you there was another piece to the puzzle that was just as necessary—if not more so— to become a champion? In this book, you’ll get the answer and the insider’s view from a championship coach on how to create a championship culture. Not just one season but time after time, whether you have the best tactics and talent or not.


WIN sets up the winning strategies every coach must know.

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Think Like A Fan

Customers buy. Fans buy in.

Learn how organizational leaders can use existing resources to build a culture of fans who are intensely loyal to their brand and are willing to talk about it. It's about exponentially expanding reach and ultimately creating new revenue streams by authentically interacting with your fanbase. Instinctively communicating in the current digital landscape will enable people to not just hear but listen and respond.

Think Like a Fan provides you with everything you need to know about transforming customers into die-hard fans for life.


Business recovery Coaching

This book has the answers you’ve been looking for to rebuild your business online and offline:

- Learn how to own lots of online real estate (for less than $100) to provide great security for your future in business.

- Have confidence in your advertising spend and results by learning to harness the power of social media effectively to be authentic.

- Understand how loyal fans and new customers can be your best advocates in business.

- Learn the step-by-step method to getting any product on Amazon and Shopify in 24 hours even if you have never done it before.

- Understand how to align employees to your mission at this critical time.

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