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High School Hockey Tournaments From Planning to Execution with Flyers Cup President Eric Tye

Ever wonder what goes into organizing a high school hockey tournament like the Flyers Cup? Eric Tye joins us this week as the President of the Flyers Cup. He takes us on a journey through the meticulous season-long preparation, revealing the complexities of handling five divisions and the relentless attention to detail a tournament of this caliber needs.

The episode also sheds light on the burgeoning growth of girls' hockey, and Eric's ambitious goal of establishing a state championship for girls within the next two years. There's a deep dive into the regional mindsets and the significance of the tournament's 45th anniversary.

We further explore the nuances that set high school hockey apart from club hockey. It's a comparison that highlights not just geographic boundaries and resource gaps, but also the contrasting ethos and community relevance. Eric brings the spotlight to accountability in high school sports, a factor that brings unique challenges and rewards. From managing transfer players to contending with social media's impact on visibility, the episode encapsulates the myriad of experiences that come with stewarding such a massive event.

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