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  • Katelynn Reiss

The Ride To The Rink: The Impact of Deliberate Positivity in Team Dynamics

Ever thought about the power of your smile as you enter the rink, or how your simple hello to a teammate can change the atmosphere around you? Mike dives into the concept of deliberate positivity and the profound impact it can have on your team dynamics. We explore the ripple effect of small gestures like a smile or an engaged conversation, and how these can create a positive force that is both beneficial for your mindset and incredibly contagious.

We also discuss the importance of standing up for your teammates and advocating for their viewpoints. This aspect of deliberate positivity is often overlooked, yet it carries the potential to alter the trajectory of your interactions with your teammates both in and out of the locker room. Listen in and discover how your intentional actions can set off a wave of positivity that sweeps across your team. Remember, your journey to becoming a more engaged, passionate, and positively infectious athlete starts with a smile.


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