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  • Katelynn Reiss

Insights from Goalie Coach Brian Santora and the Importance of Multi-Sport ParticipatioN

On this episode of Our Kids Play Goalie, Brian Santora, USA Hockey Goaltending Coach Instructor joins us to share his journey and the importance of specialized coaching. We discuss the tools for understanding the position that coaches, parents, and players can implement at all levels.

We turn our spotlight on the world of youth hockey, emphasizing the importance of effective goal-tending training in each practice. With the advent of the internet, goal-tending information is accessible, but how can coaches, parents, and players filter helpful instruction from the noise? Brian brings a distinctive perspective to the discussion, underscoring the value of goalies playing other positions. He provides a balanced outlook on hockey, arguing for the importance of rotational goaltending at different levels.

We wrap up our conversation with Brian by discussing the impact of specialization in youth sports, the benefits of multi-sport participation and allowing kids to diversify their activities - a philosophy that Brian believes can cement a passion for the sport. We also delve into the necessity of incorporating mental fitness training into practice regimes and allowing young goal tenders to develop their unique style. You'll hear an inspiring discussion about Brian's first responder hockey team and the positive impact of the game beyond the ice rink.


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