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  • Katelynn Reiss

The Ride To The Rink - The Power of Positivity and Team Support For Goalies

What if a simple tap on the pads and a few words of encouragement could make all the difference to a goalie's game? It's not all about what has happened on the ice, it's what is going to happen next. Join us as we chat with the Goalie Doctors, Matt Tendler and Mitch Harris, who share invaluable advice on how to keep your goalie in the game. They’re not just discussing techniques and strategies but highlighting the importance of team support and positive reinforcement in boosting a goalie's performance.

Drawing from their own experiences, Tendler and Harris delve into how to handle the pressure and bounce back after a bad goal. From using personal mantras to reset the brain, to the role supportive teammates play, they offer insights on maintaining composure during tough times. Additionally, they emphasize the fact that a goalie's performance can significantly be enhanced by positivity and encouragement, both from oneself and from teammates.


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